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Webster Classic Volunteers - Sign Up Genius

Webster Lacrosse Club Families,  

We hope this message finds you doing well.  It's been a busy spring to date with our house league, preparing our tournament team players and getting ready for our signature event……... “The Webster Classic” will be held Saturday, June 23rd 2018 http://www.websterclassic.com/ .

We really need you to get involved!

We need YOU to volunteer a couple hours of your time to help keep our Webster Classic a success.  It's easy to volunteer.  All you have to do is click on the sign up genius link below and sign up for a slot. Please support the game that your son loves.  We do not want to be like other sports where we charge you money if you do not volunteer or limit your sons playing time because you did not lend a hand. It simply is not what Webster Lacrosse Club is all about.   We want you to Jump in and support your son and be part of the Webster Lacrosse Community ! As most of you know we measure the success of our club by involvement.  Whether your son plays on one of our tournament teams or not we are asking for you to volunteer.  


The K-6 program directors will be reaching out to the parents with more information soon.  Each K-6 age group is expected to help line fields one night each.  Similarly, our high school coaches will be reaching out to their respective scholastic players and families for their help before, during and after the Classic.

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"The Fastest Game on Two Feet'

There is nothing more fundamental to a successful lacrosse team than the ability to give back.  The inherent gift of looking for that "one more" pass that sets a teammate up for success.   That instinct to place the group before yourself.   No thought required.  It is an instinct.

The Classic represents that one time of year where we put aside the boundary lines of the School District and get together to welcome our friends from other Clubs to share a competitive day of lacrosse.  Played hard, played to win, but also, played to teach. 

We are honored, humbled, and blessed that good friends from other quality Clubs, with rich traditions, who share our "core" values, choose to share this day with us.  It is the one day where we put their lacrosse experience, as our guests, before ours.  We realize by doing that, we make our program stronger because we get down to understanding the roots of the "Medicine Game."  A coachable moment that no "elite team" can possibly replicate.

It is the time of year where we celebrate the passage of time. We honor our departing senior Crandall - Deisenroth Scholarship recipients. We say goodbye to our graduating seniors. We thank their parents for giving them to us for a little while.  We welcome them to the "inner circle" and wish them well on their journey as they prepare themselves for the next chapter of their lives. 

We welcome our all our new youth families and we move our rising 6th grade youth players into the scholastic ranks. 

 It is also that time of year when everyone may be experiencing a bit of "lacrosse-fatigue."  It can be overwhelming, the e-mails and solicitations for this camp or that clinic.  Those things have their place and can go a long way toward playing at the next level.   But the Classic is a time to "take a knee" from all that and get back to the basics of just "playing" lacrosse in our own back yard.     

This is why you volunteer.  This time of year, we measure success by involvement.  It is a different, sometimes uncomfortable unit of measurement of success.   It forces you to look beyond your own immediate expectations for your kids and yourself when so much of the lacrosse world is encouraging you to look the other way. 

That is why the Classic is our "Flagship Event."    Please be a part of this day.



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                     isn't it a lovely day for lacrosse?



Coach Ruller 200 Varsity Wins


The Webster Lacrosse Club would like to extend a warm and a well-deserved recognition to Rob Ruller, for his 200th career win as the head coach of the Webster Thomas Varsity lacrosse program.  The job of a high school lacrosse coach is not known for its longevity.   Coach Ruller has coached the Thomas Titans lacrosse program since 2003.

During his tenure, his teams have won two Section V Championships, frequently made the Sectional semifinals, produced 6 High School All Americans, and dozens of All-County/All-League student athletes.  Most recently, his teams have consistently achieved  the High Honor Roll, Section V Academic Standard of maintaining a cumulative team Grade Point Average (GPA) of 90% or higher.  Many of those student/athletes have carried the full boat of multiple Honors courses while maintaining a balance with lacrosse and academics. 

Coach Ruller is much more than a coach to his players. He is a mentor, a teacher, a friend, a student and a keeper of the game. He has held his teams of student- athletes to a much higher standard and would not sacrifice the integrity of the team for any of these 200 wins. His knowledge of the game is superior as that he regularly prepares and instills in his coaches and student-athletes the determination, perseverance and grit they will need to be successful in all aspects of their lives. The biggest attribute that coach Ruller holds dearly to his heart is that he teaches his student athletes how to be good people, husbands, fathers, neighbors, and employees. This is the most important trait that his players come away with that have played in his program.

Coach Ruller’s players have gone on to the U.S. Military academies and enlisted service.   Several are now serving in the U.S. armed forces.  He has well over one hundred student athletes who have gone on to play at the collegiate level, from Club and Community College all the way up to the Division I level. 

Perhaps most important to our Club and a tribute to his character has been how much of a leader he has been in mentoring and growing the Town recreational program.  Great lacrosse communities are born out of great traditions.  Talented players, families of lacrosse royalty, and more relevant to this discussion, good coaches, all come and go.  They are just side effects.  It is the traditions that abide. 

The Webster Classic… our “Flagship Event.”    Summer- time at the Box.   Ghouls, Goals and Goblins Fall Round Robin tournament.  The Turkey Bowl.     The 8 Man Fall Tournament.  Micro-lacrosse.   These are the “non-negotiables” of our community focused lacrosse club.     

Rob’s finger prints are all over these great traditions.   It has grown into quite the proposition.   In that regard we thank Coach Ruller for his service to the great tradition of Webster Lacrosse. 

More importantly, we thank his family…his wife and kids for giving him to us and putting up with what it takes to rack up 200 wins.  You have put up with a lot.  We thank his parents for imparting the knowledge and discipline to teach the game as it was meant to be played.

 Dom Starsia, former head coach at UVA once said, “Men of value have scars.”   You do not get to 200 wins without scars.  No doubt Coach Ruller has a few more coming but never the less, he will always have our support as long as the “Core Values” and traditions of Webster Lacrosse abide.  

Congratulations Rob on your first 200 wins.  We look forward Coach Jason Mordaci’s first 200 wins at Schroeder and your next 200 wins at Thomas.   Earn those scars and keep moving forward.  They will not go unnoticed.

Coach Ruller is the 10th Section V coach to achieve the 200 win milestone. Coach Ruller joins the impressive list of coaches John Pratt, Randy Garrett, John Johnson, Harry Queener, Mark Rice, Alan Henry, Brian Hobart Ernie Lisi & Joe Corcoran. 



by posted 05/16/2018