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Webster Lacrosse Club - 2017 Youth Summer Camp


2017 Webster Boys Lacrosse Day Camp
Boys going into grades 2-6


June 26-June 29th, 2017
(Drop Off at 9AM Pick up at 3pm)

A Great Opportunity to Learn new skills!

The Webster Varsity lacrosse coaches are planning the Fifth year of this camp.  Don’t miss out on the great opportunity and fun this camp will provide.  The camp will provide each camper with the chance to work on and improve the skills and fundamentals of the game of lacrosse.  Campers will also have the opportunity to swim and play recreational games during each day.  This camp is designed for players to have fun and improve their lacrosse skills, while enjoying the amazing facilities at Webster Schroeder HS.   It is our hope that they will leave with a greater appreciation of the game of lacrosse and realize how fun summer camp can be!  Beginners are encouraged to register and attend!  No experience is necessary!

Camp staff will include coaches from the Webster Schroeder Warrior and Webster Thomas Titan Boys Lacrosse Programs.  Many of our Coaches either have young children or have taught in the Elementary school setting.  We understand the needs of this population.   The camp staff will also include former All American lacrosse players from the Webster Lacrosse club and Division 1 and Division 3 lacrosse players.  We will also have current players who are in the program today working with each team.

Register today by clicking on the Registration tab on the home page of the Webster Lacrosse Club website to enjoy all the fun this camp can provide.  Equipment can be rented please email Coach Ruller at Robert_Ruller@webstercsd.org


The WLC is now on Facebook.  You can find the Webster Lacrosse Club and join the group.  Check out and share pictures and see other details from the Webster Lacrosse Club.

WLC Presidents Spring Newsletter 2017

WLC Spring 2017 Newsletter

The Webster Lacrosse Club is pleased to announce... the “KING OF SPRING RETURNS”!!!   LONG LIVE THE KING!  What started out as a mild winter...a disappointing one for our Skiing and Snowmobilers, turned into one nasty cold spring, an epoch wind storm that tore down trees and power lines, reminding us that life in Western New York is no picnic.


It was a mild winter but winter was not going to let us go without at least one “Cheapy” before it left.  Oh what a cheapy that wind storm was.  The Board has met and voted.  The ... timer is ON.   Enough is enough.  Unanimous vote...better weather is to come.


The College season is almost half over and the High School season is well underway, get the boys up to Schroeder and Thomas. Support our teams  and watch some JV & Varsity LAX.


This past weekened there were many collegiate D-I games televised. If you missed wacthing them,  here is a great playlist that is updated every week with permission from ESPN to republish full game film from the 2017 season.



The youth house programs started last week and tournament team tryouts have begun. The late spring break in this year’s calendar has caused a bit of delay getting practices going for all players. Especially since the spring break bookends the weekends of our fist scheduled travel team practices. Rest assured there is plenty of Lacrosse to come this season! After spring break week is over........  it is time to buckle the chin straps and get after it.



It is that time of year to send an important message.  We are an all volunteer organization.  We love the Game.  So do you.  But we also have lives of our own.  We have children of our own.  We have careers and marriages to attend to.  Our children’s lacrosse experience is just as important as your family’s experience.  To that end, we call on all lacrosse families to collaborate and come together and support our “Core Values.”  Buy in and have fun together.


Our Board of Directors have been meeting since last September, the start of the new “lacrosse year” planning for the Spring Season.  It is finally here.  From top to bottom, we are “Ferociously” committed to playing the “medicine game” in our own back yard.  It was a mild winter followed by a harsh spring and we need as much medicine as we can get.


But we need your help.  We don’t care whether you played the game or are a complete novice.  As a Club, we measure success by involvement.   The feast is always better when everybody brings a dish to pass.  Our unit of measurement for success is about involvement, fun, and life lessons that transcend the game, not just wins and losses or individual accolades.  Those latter things are important, but they just seem to be more frequent when we focus on the former...involvement, fun, and life lessons.  Simply put, they are a side effect, not the destination.


As we begin the Spring season we have a preliminary list of volunteer coaches and volunteers but it is just that..preliminary.  Recruiting more people into the leadership positions is always a prime focus of our organization.  There is always room for more.   In addition to our coaching needs, the Club has a great need for volunteers for field set up and break down, team moms or dads for snacks, time keepers, and injury help with ice, cuts, etc.  The list is endless.


At the Board level we are always in a state of transition as our little guys become bigger boys and eventually, grown men and move on to the next station in their lives.  We have open opportunities at the Committee Chairmen positions in Registration, Scheduling, Publicity/Media/Website Maintenance, and Fundraising committees.


These are significant positions and we need to fill them.  Anyone interested in serving in these positions should contact the Club President directly.




Microlacrosse is now a long standing tradition for Webster Lacrosse.  This year was no different from the past.  Micro-Lacrosse is a Winter program that was started in 2006 by Webster Schroeder graduate Steven Nowak as part of his senior project.


His mentor on the project was Tom Spoonhower, a former Webster Lacrosse parent and current owner of Metro-sports, a sporting goods store, concentrating mostly in men's and women's Lacrosse in the village of Webster.


Together they started a "beginner's" program loosely modeled after the very popular "Scoopers" programs in lacrosse hotbed areas of Baltimore and Northern Virginia.  It is the only “coed” program offered by the boys club as the girls have their own Webster Women’s Club.


This year’s Microlacrosse program was a great success with 69 new Webster Lacrosse Families registered.




What a game that was.  Syracuse has been the cardiac kids of the top 20 DI lacrosse crowd this year...winning by one goal in every game.  This year against Duke University was no exception.  SU took the Blue Devils to overtime and won 12-11.


The SU field trip is a long standing tradition of the Webster Lacrosse Club dating back to 1998.  WLC alums have played for both Duke and SU over that time frame.  It has always and continues to be a great way to end the Winter Program leading to the Spring Season.




Our main effort is providing a positive lacrosse culture experience for our players. Getting after it maximizing play time and ball touches for all players right in our own back yard. We take great pride in the success of the boys in our club.  Preparing our boys for lacrosse at the next level is only part of it.  We hope the positive experience with the Webster Lacrosse Club will give all boys foundation skills of being a good teammate, a good brother, a good son, a good student and much more.  Youth sports are a powerful thing.  We are humbled by the knowledge that success like this for our boys is just a side effect of the simple pleasure and grace of promoting the love of the game and nothing else.  Providing an environment where we teach the game, have fun, make sure that no one gets hurt and above all making sure that every boy wants to come back is our main effort.


We measure success by involvement.  We are all volunteers, we are continually looking for ways to get our members and community more involved with our club.  There is always something to do, string a net, help line fields, serve on a subcommittee to the board, and help volunteer with our Webster Classic the 4th week of June.  Great things happen when we can form small groups with our friends and get after a task.



On March 24th the Webster Lacrosse Club held a coach’s clinic hosted by Webster Lacrosse alumni Dave Dobbins.  This is the first year Webster Lacrosse Club has brought in a paid professional coach other than our varsity players to help educate our volunteer coach’s.  After Dave’s graduation from Webster he continued his playing career at Colgate University. Dave’s coaching accomplishments include 2005 Division III Assistant Coach of the Year, 4x Division III National Champion at Salisbury State, coached 47 All-Americans, including 19 at midfield, and five national players of the year. Dave has coached at Salisbury State, The Ohio State University and St. John Fisher College. Currently Dave is an assistant coach at St. John Fisher College.  It was an exceptional evening.  Dave provided a wealth of knowledge and lacrosse IQ to all that attended.  Our hope is to provide more events like this and continue to give opportunities to raise the bar of lacrosse IQ for our volunteer coach’s.





We are pleased to report some of the success of our alumni who continued their college lacrosse careers.  As best we know, here is a list of our alumns who have made it to college rosters this year.  We love those DI guys but are equally as proud of those student athlete DIII grinders who are getting it done.  If there are others please let us know:


Division I:


Kevin Hill - Penn State

Travis Ford - Fairfield


Division II


Blake Balcaen - Pace

Jared Griffin - LeMoyne


Division III:


Alex Armstrong (Potsdam)

John Bezek (Potsdam)

Davis Bird (Ithaca)

Dan Blaessig (Keuka)

Colin Blind (Brockport)

Ryan Canham (Potsdam)

Eugene Carvin (Potsdam)

Coz Fiore (Oneonta)

Pierce Currie (Clarkson)

Jake Giudice (Brockport)

John Hill (RIT) - Kevin Hill (Penn State)

Cam Isaac (RIT)

Trevor Knoepfler (MCC)

Joe Mikiciuk (Brockport)

Shane Rickard (St. John Fisher)

Nick Schuman (Oneonta)

Garrett Stonewell (Keuka)

Ben Thomas (Brockport)

Ben Yonko (Alfred)

Jack Donnelly (Susquehanna)

Patrick Donnelly (Susquehanna)

David Laspina (Alfred)

Matthew Montgomery (Ithaca)

Matthew Streit (RIT)

Liam Wheatley (Utica)




The “House” youth program is our “main effort.”  But the Webster Classic is our “Flagship” event.  A day when we invite both old and new friends...quality Clubs who share our “values,” to come out and have a day of quality competitive lacrosse.    For more information go to http://www.websterclassic.com/index.html.


We are one of the few Town Club Programs that still hold a “Classic” Style format, from K-12th grade.  No champions, no allstars, no showcase recruiting.  Just competitive lacrosse, played to win, the way the game was meant to be played.  An “uninfluenced” opportunity to teach/develop skills and get up and down the field...and get after it.


This year’s Classic will be held on June 24, 2017.  Please mark your calenders.  Everyone is expected to help out.  EVERYONE!  It is just what we do.


We need volunteers to help with concessions, parking, clean up, set up, tear down, and everything in between.  Participation is the norm.  Be there to welcome our friends from other quality programs who share our love of the game.


Be there to celebrate the game.  There is a reason we call it our “Flagship” event.  It is just a lot of fun to see great Clubs coming to play the game in our own back yard, the way it was meant to be played and the way we play it.



Applications for the WLC Crandall Scholarship are now being accepted.  The Scholarship is open to all graduating seniors from both high schools.  All graduating seniors are encouraged to review the Club’s criteria for eligibility and apply as soon as possible.


We wish it was a full ride scholarship. It is not.  If you have done the work, on and off the field you certainly deserve it.  Unfortunately, if you are lucky, it will only pay for some books your first year of college.   But it is a small token of our appreciation to those kids who went the distance, both academically and athletically despite all the  opportunities to get sidetracked along the way.


All scholarships will be awarded at the Webster Classic on June 24, 2017.



“Summer Time at The Box” has grown to be quite the proposition.  Each year it just keeps growing.  There is nothing else like it in the area.  It is a pure, uninfluenced, recreational summer program.  A very rare thing.


Both High School Coaches will run the high school and middle school box lacrosse leagues starting after the conclusion of the Scholastic season.  All kids from both High Schools and Middle Schools are eligible REGARDLESS of whether you played on your scholastic teams.


Eligibility is based on your grade level next year.  So that means this year’s 6th graders are eligible to play in the summer middle school leagues starting this June.  This year’s graduating seniors are not eligible.  They will be eligible to play in the Summer Time at the Box College League that will be forming in June.


Registration will be online.  Summertime at the box has become what we envisioned for years: just a great place to play the game, uninfluenced by anything else, other than the desire to  flat out...“play fast and get after it” in our own back yard.



Both High School Coaches will be running their own Warrior and Titan Camps this summer.  Both camps are run right after the Scholastic season ends.  So “rising” modified and JV kids get a good opportunity to meet their coaches next year, understand their coaching philosophy and show case what they learned from this past scholastic season.  Registration will also be online.


At the youth levels, both coaches will be running joint camps, including the popular “Mighty Mite” camp for K-2 kids.  Both High School Coaches have extensive experience as Physical Education teachers at all levels from little tykes to the big boys.  Plus they are both fathers themselves so they know how to teach age appropriate games and keep it fun.




The Club will run it’s very popular summer college box lacrosse league this summer.  Games will be at night.  Registration will be on a first come basis.  We will have 4 teams. These games are highly competitive, show casing many kids coming from elite college programs.  They are very entertaining and all are welcome to come out on a summer night to watch some free,  really fun fast lacrosse.  The Club may also run some informal pickup games on for the 30 and older crowd.



WLC 20

The WEBLAX 50 celebration came and went and what a celebration it was.  However, the time has come to also remember the story within the story.  Webster as a Town has enjoyed many ebbs and flows of population and growth.


It was a consolidated school district and then split into two high schools in the 70's.  In 1985 the district reconsolidated and were known as the Webster Warriors at Webster Schroeder.  In 2003 the District split again and Webster Thomas once again became a High School.


Through it all, the back and forth, the Webster Lacrosse Club was started in 1998.  We built and Rebuilt the Box.  We built the Webster Classic.  There was a lot of pressure to field one team for both schools.  Like the rest of the youth programs in the Town we bought in and committed to the kids, to teaching the game and promoting participation.


It has paid dividends.  While the WEBLAX 50 was quite the celebration, the WLC 20 will not go unnoticed in 2018 and there are some folks who will be recognized if nothing else than having a game at the box in their honor.   It’s what we do.  Get out on the floor and get after it.


I'm walking with my father across these gentle Perthshire hills

It's timeless mysteries that we gather that make the memories that we fill

He says don't fix what is not broken no need to find what's not been lost

It's a heavy gate we have to open an endless field we have to cross”


- Dougie MacLean...Talking With My Father




by posted 04/17/2017
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